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Nearly half of US companies plan to ax Bachelor’s degree requirements

Top Stories of The Day

‘They are birds in a cage’: the Afghan girls fleeing to Europe in hope of education

Free COVID tests headed to nation’s schools

Kansas school district takes action after atheist group complains about worship songs

Dozens of California teachers hold unauthorized ‘teach-in’ on Palestinian voices amid Israel-Hamas war

Restorative Justice Is Not Just an Alternative to Discipline

Cursive makes a comeback — by law — in public schools

Teacher Life

Is homework a waste of time?

Paying student teachers could potentially solve education problems

Teacher Shares What Entitled Parents They Get To Deal With And The Screenshots Go Viral

Why Teaching Kindergarten Online Is So Very, Very Hard

Things that make you smile

Philadelphia students start GoFundMe to buy teacher new shoes, raise $3K

Hilarious Tweets From Parents About School Pick-Up

Children’s Books That Teach Kids To Love Animals

20 Children’s Books With Characters Of Diverse Body Types

53 Children’s Book That Feature Characters With Disabilities


Judge Rules School District Let Special Ed Student ‘Abscond’ From Classes

U.S. Department of Education opens investigation into Harvard over antisemitism claims on campus

Kansas Legislature approves parents’ ‘bill of rights’ to challenge classroom content

Pittsburgh Public Schools police chief says he was attacked by parent after denying meeting with superintendent

School District Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Scope of Transgender Student Rights


New Report Finds Charters Deliver More Bang for the Buck than District Schools

Teachers deserve higher tax deduction for out-of-pocket classroom expenses

Diplomas for sale: $465, no classes required. Inside one of Louisiana’s unapproved schools

Achievement Gap / Equity

Racist dating video at Lincoln Park High School sparks difficult conversations among students


Black, Latino Students Disproportionately taught by Inexperienced, Uncertified Teachers, New Research Shows

Around the world

Millions of Ukrainian children are still in school despite the war

Village Teacher Wins $1 Million Prize For World’s Most ‘Exceptional’ Educator

Black Mothers Launch Microschools to End School-Prison Pipeline

China promotes education drive to make boys more ‘manly’

Japan to downsize elementary school classes to 35 students by 2025

PD (Teacher)

Simple Hacks to Improve Online Assessment

How To Teach Kids That Ads Are Manipulating Them

Helping students embrace productive struggle

How to Make Effective Videos for Learning

PD (Admin)

Inside the Effort to Find and Help Disengaged Youth

When Toxic Positivity Seeps Into Schools, Here’s What Educators Can Do

Teaching While Black: An Open Letter to School Leaders


Here’s Why Putting the Brakes on Charter Schools Is So 2020

Why I Gave My Son Permission to Drop Out of High School

Former gang member is named Missouri’s Teacher of the Year


Complaints about books at public schools and libraries more than doubled in 2021

Report claims teachers too lenient with grading

Things that get you walked out of the building carrying a box of your belongings

She bullied and insulted students for years; her Florida school let her keep teaching

Social media post shows 5 teachers holding up racial slur

Entire School Board Resigns After Trash-Talking Parents In Hot Mic Moment

Teacher’s firing upheld because of ‘lewd’ TikTok videos


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